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How do you build great products and achieve faster growth?

I’m Ben, and with my business, Product Rise, I help startups and companies of all sizes with exactly that. On my blog, I am sharing and discussing my lessons learned from over 10 years of building, managing and growing digital products.

My own journey took me from being a 3x startup founder to Senior Product Manager at Atlassian, where I helped the JIRA team launch a new product and expand to a new market segment. I am now consulting to help companies avoid the mistakes I have made myself or seen others make, and instead adopt some of the best practices I have picked up along the way. Occasionally, I also teach Product Management at General Assembly and coach founders and Product Managers who want to upskill for their next big step.

I have been fortunate enough to work on all kinds of products over the course of my career – from web to mobile, B2B to B2C, marketplaces to SaaS, finTech to medTech – and early stage startups to public companies. As a founder, I have raised investment from startup accelerators, angels and VCs, built and led my own teams and also had to shut down a company and handle all the hardship that comes with it. Throughout my journey, I have been passionate about developing companies and people, and this is how Product Rise came to be. Having grown very fond of the country that opened all sorts of opportunities up to me, I am now focused on empowering the Australian tech community with the knowledge and skills it needs to thrive.

In 2017, I taught and coached over 50 product people, from organisations like Hubspot, Microsoft, PwC, Optus, FairFax Media, News Corp and Visa. My coachees scored jobs at companies like Atlassian, Freelancer and Airtasker. 10 companies chose to engage me to help them with product strategy, team development and processes and various other challenges. And last but not least, the University of Technology Sydney engaged me as their Entrepreneur in Residence for their Hatchery startup accelerator where I took 10 startups from start to demo day.

For 2018, I am applying a widely known concept in product thinking to Product Rise and am going to try to "10x" my impact, by helping 500 product people and 100 Australia-based companies build better products to grow faster.


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