Thousands of startups are moving at an incredible pace these days, creating a constantly changing competitive landscape. Silicon Valley alone has over 28,000 startups. A product can be cutting edge one day and disrupted by competitors the next one. The only way to stay ahead of your competition is to learn faster - find the next trend ahead of anyone else, execute faster and make learning and innovation part of your team culture.

We work with companies, from startups to large corporates, to help them accelerate their growth and win against their competitors.

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.
— Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup


Our client work is defined by identifying the ideal outcome with the client before beginning work, finding a way to track progress and making sure the process is transparent.

However, we believe there is no one size fits all - our approach is always tailored to the organisation and its individual stakeholders. When identifying opportunities and underlying causes of inefficiencies, we weigh solutions off against the company's unique vision, culture and constraints.

Once a strategy is validated and in place, we occasionally help clients accelerate their product development and learning process by getting hands-on in helping them adopt new product management methodologies. This can range from growth hacking and making connections for them to enter new markets to validating concepts, overhauling product designs or salvaging IT projects that are out of control.


During our own startups, working at companies such as Atlassian and Flirtey, getting funding by Y-Combinator and Seedcamp, as well as previously consulting engagement, we have been exposed to and adopted a wide range of different tools and methodologies that can help companies grow.

A selection of the many tools we helped companies adopt include

  • Objectives & Key Results (OKR, a management framework used by Google and Atlassian)
  • ICE prioritisation
  • Jobs To Be Done
  • Mom Test customer interviews and user testing
  • Net-Promoter-Score (NPS)
  • AARRR analytics framework
  • Agile development (Kanban, SCRUM)

and many more.

Not sure which product management and growth strategy is right for your company?

Achievements with previous clients

✔ Transforming an events driven education company to run all their courses and workshops online.

✔ Accelerated product development of an online marketplace company by implementing Agile best practices and implementing an analytics framework to transform the team towards following a data-driven approach.

Re-designed the end to end experience of a student focused web application through solid customer interviews and user testing.


Don't take our word for it. Here is what people say that we have worked with:

"Problem-solver and great personality. ... Ben is lovely to work with, and has an honest and strong work ethic. His advice on SEO and Google Analytics was invaluable. Ben will be a great asset to anyone looking for help with digital strategy and growth related topics."

Teresa Tiong, Founder of Au Revoir Les Filles

"Ben is a visionary Product Manager ... he approached the challenge from an entrepreneurial lens. His innate ability to balance the short-term needs of the product while driving the long-term vision motivated the team to deliver their best work. As a leader, Ben’s strong influence is reflected in ability to communicate and align management with his product strategy."

Sheri Atienza, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian


"Ben has played an essential role in the team over the past few months, working closely with the development team and accelerating progress and productivity by building in lean systems and processes. His ability to facilitate conversation allowed ideas to flourish ... His ability to think through problems has also helped in tackling challenges before they arise. Ben, we will welcome you back at any time and look forward to keeping you in the loop with progress."

Christina Chun, Founder of 1SCOPE and Make a Mark Project


Ben’s ability to think through problems has helped in tackling challenges before they arise.
— Christina Chun, Founder of 1SCOPE and Make a Mark Project