Got big goals for the future? Maybe something like

  • Getting the grips with Product Management as a founder,
  • Successfully transitioning from founder to Product Manager,
  • Landing that dream PM job, no matter if you're technical or non-technical,
  • Making your Product Management career a success.

Why coaching?

The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.
— Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, author of The Start-Up of You


70% of coachees find their work performance improved.


80% reported that coaching boosted their self-confidence.

Work/life balance

67% managed to reduce stress and get work done more efficiently.

Do it again

96% would get coaching again based on the results achieved.

Coaching & Courses

Group Coaching

Harness the collective intelligence and experience of a small group of experienced PMs.

Come with challenges and leave with an arsenal of solutions and best practices.

I run small coaching groups for beginners and advanced PMs with a maximum of 5 participants, so everyone gets value every single time. Sessions run after business hours around Sydney CBD.

Tailored 1-on-1 coachinG

Got big career ambitions? Want to transition into Product Management or accelerate your PM career?

Every PM starts out with strong skills in either business, design or engineering. I will help you bridge the gap in your weak areas

Product Management is a $100,000+ career, but it's a competitive field. Without investing into yourself, it's hard to go far.

PM Courses at General Assembly

The gold standard for Product Management courses in Australia.

I have been teaching the 1-week full-time courses for several iterations and have received outstanding quantitative and qualitative feedback.

The Net Promoter Score for my courses is above 75% and my instructor rating is 4.5/5.

Example 1-on-1 coaching package

1. Coaching Plan

Before starting your sessions, you tell me what areas you want to work on.

Not sure? No problem!

I can run a free assessment with you and we can prioritise together.

Coaching Plan

2. Coaching Tracker

Each session is laser-focused to help you get the most value.

No stock-standard Powerpoint slides here – we leave out the things you already know and make sure you 'get' the parts you need to understand.

Coaching Tracker

3. Recommended Resources

Want to go further?

After every session, I will recommend some resources for you to explore a topic further.

Also, I won't waste your time during sessions with videos and blog posts that you can read for free.

3. Resources.png


"Coaching is extremely personal. Every person I have mentored and coached had unique challenges, but they are united in their willingness to invest in themselves and plan for the future to succeed.

During coaching sessions, I tailor my approach to the individual and help them to

  • Break down challenges
  • Find the root causes that cause problems
  • Learn new mental models to think through problems and challenges
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of potential solutions
  • Learn from my past experiences in companies like Atlassian and my own startups
  • Find new solutions for unique situations.

There is never just one be all and end all answer - I will get you to execute on the problem in your own way."