Got big goals for the future? Maybe something like

  • Getting the grips with Product Management as a founder
  • Successfully transitioning from founder to Product Manager
  • Landing that dream PM job, no matter if you're technical or non-technical
  • Making your Product Management career a success

Successful companies need skilled leaders who get the best out of their team and peers. Besides consulting for big and small companies, Benjamin also helps current and future product leaders to level up. Using his experiences from building 3 startups from scratch, launching a new JIRA product at Atlassian and transforming businesses as a consulting, Benjamin helps founders and key staff of companies to unleash their potential by helping them overcome challenges and learn the skills and habits they need to succeed.

Why coaching?


70% of coachees find their work performance improved.


80% reported that coaching boosted their self-confidence.

Work/life balance

67% managed to reduce stress and get work done more efficiently.

Do it again

96% would get coaching again based on the results achieved.


"Coaching is extremely personal. Every person I have mentored and coached had unique challenges, but they are united in their willingness to invest in themselves and plan for the future to succeed.

During coaching sessions, I tailor my approach to the individual and help them to

  • Break down challenges
  • Find the root causes that cause problems
  • Learn new mental models to think through problems and challenges
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of potential solutions
  • Learn from my past experiences in companies like Atlassian and my own startups
  • Find new solutions for unique situations.

There is never just one be all and end all answer - I will get you to execute on the problem in your own way."

The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.
— Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, author of The Start-Up of You

Do you have goals in mind that you want to achieve?

Example of coaching package

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Coaching Plan

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Coaching Tracker
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