Product Management Skills Analysis

The Product Skills Framework

The Product Skills Framework is a comprehensive analysis tool to help PMs and hiring managers understand the strengths and gaps of individual Product Managers. It was developed to bring clarity to those aiming to develop themselves, land new jobs or get promoted, taking into account that the Product Management function works different in every organisation.


The Product Skills Framework works like a Myers-Briggs assessment for Product Managers. It is based on over conversations with over 500 Product people from organisations like Google, Atlassian, Hubspot, Microsoft and Airtasker, including coaching, training and mentoring. The framework was derived to make developing, hiring and promoting Product Managers more transparent and successful.

For Product Managers

  • Career Accelerator: Find the blind spots that stand between you and your dream job or promotion.

  • PM-Role-fit analysis: For innovation, growth and technical PM roles. Set yourself up for success.

  • Personal development: Which skills do you have which do you need to make a better fit for a role?

For Product Organisations

  • Find gaps and blind spots within a team

  • Make sure your next hires are a success

  • Upskill your team in the right areas

Once this is completed, we create a detailed report for each Product Manager, breaking down their strengths and weaknesses as well sharing recommendations on how to improve and how to prepare for the next steps in their career.