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28 March 2019

Product Leaders and their Careers in Review

Joe Nalewabau – It's my career, and I'll cry if I want to! (slides)

Over 20 years, 3 continents, 4 companies (including Microsoft and Atlassian), 10+ PM roles (6 management, 4 as an individual contributor), 3 children and 1 divorce, it has been a busy journey. With some great successes and some equally great failures, Joe still remains in love with being a Product Manager and solving customer problems. In this talk, Joe will share some key lessons learnt over this time. Hopefully, he will make you laugh, and he won't cry!

Otto Ruettinger – 5 Product Leadership Learnings (slides)

As Product Managers we are all leaders. We lead our products, our teams, our organisations and we aspire to lead our users to better outcomes. From Otto's almost 20 years in product and the last 10 in product leadership roles, here's 5 learnings that may help you either develop into a product leader or help inspire your existing teams to greater results.

Otto has worked in tech for 20yrs. The last 5 with Atlassian in various product management roles. He’s now the Head of product for the Jira Cloud platform where he leads a team of product managers focused on making every team's workflow. Otto loves cycling so much, the last time he bought a bike he had to sell his car to pay for the bike.